Mastering your Personal Finances: How Your Financial Health Can Help You Achieve Your Goals And Improve Your Well Being

Event Date : 14 October, 2019
Time : 6:30 pm
Location : Bali Bustle Meeting Room

We will be discussing why it is important to master your personal finances and how you can do it. We will focus on how personal finances can give you peace of mind about your current situation, give you confidence about your future, allow you to unlock your full potential, and spend your time and resources on the things you actually care about. We will spend half of the class allowing you to create an outline of your goals, financial game plan, and identify the primary financial challenges that can get in the way [and ways to mitigate them]. The functional areas of personal finance that we will briefly cover throughout the course are: (1) Earning (2) Consuming (3) Saving (4) Investing (5) Borrowing (6) Insuring (7) Comprehending Risk (8) Getting the right advise.

Workshop Objective:

The objective of this workshop is to empower you to build a healthy financial future so that you are better equipped to pursue your values and your goals.

Top 3 things the audience will walk away with:

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Create a personal finance game plan
  3. Identify potential personal finance challenges [and ways to mitigate them]


Sebastian Baeza

I have been in the finance and investing industry for 7 years having worked most recently for a $1T global investment manager called Invesco based in Atlanta, GA. I recently left Invesco to pursue my passion of teaching and to help empower people to build a healthy personal financial lifestyle. My company is currently working on a menu of products and services with the mission of improving people’s financial lives.

^^^^ Event Registration Instructions ^^^^
This event is for free and open to public. If you want to join this event, please RSVP at the Bali Bustle front desk or send us an email at [email protected]