Here at Bali Bustle, We aim to created events for our Bali Bustle member an other digital nomads to find a community at Bali Bustle, Kuta Bali, We have a range of events to build knowledge, create community, and simply to have fun! Find our events below or like our facebook and instagram page to get up-to-date information abaut our events in your news feed.

Cooking Class

Friday, 25th October 10.30am

Enjoy a great meal and get to know one another every Thursday at 1pm!  Network with current and new members of our community by sharing your passions, ideas, travelling tips etc. We’ll meet at 1pm at Bali Bustle’s lobby and explore new restaurants together! This is a pay on your own event.

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Bali Bustle Movie Night

Friday, 25th October 2019, 7.30pm
Come join our very own Movie night at Bali Bustle’s rooftop! A chance to relax on a Friday night with a good movie, snacks and popcorn!
This is a free event for all.

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Afternoon Tea Time

Monday, 4th November 3:00pm

Take a break from that busy Monday! What’s better to get the creative juices flowing than with a mid-day snack while meeting fellow bustlers! Members only event

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Yoga with Lulu does yoga

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 4.30pm

Take a break from the mid-week bustle and join us every Wednesday, for an easy-yoga session at Bali Bustle’s rooftop with Lulu Do Yoga at 4.30pm. Beginner and Intermediate levels are welcome. Members: IDR50k; Non-members IDR80k

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